Weber Spirit vs. Genesis

Have you been looking for a gas grill for some time? If yes, you should consider one from Weber. Some of the options you can pick from include Weber spirit and genesis.

These two are gas grills from the popular brand. Both the Weber genesis series and weber spirit series have been in existence for a long time. The company behind them keeps on making significant improvements on the gas grills to boost their quality. Finding out how these two differ can help you choose an ideal one for your home. Here is more!

What are the differences between Weber spirit and genesis?

Name Weber spirit Weber genesis
BTU output capacity 26500-30000 37500-72000
Burners 2-3 3-4
Cooking area 450- 529 sq. inches 513- 770 sq. inches
Design Open cart Enclosed cart
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Weber spirit vs. genesis- How do they compare


One of the things that make Weber spirit grills differ from Weber genesis grills is the cost. Weber spirit grills are cheaper than weber genesis grills. The genesis models come at a higher cost since they have some additional features. The weber spirit grills, on the other hand, are simple grills with basic features that make them ideal for beginners.


Apart from the difference in cost, you can also distinguish these grills in terms of the burners they come with. Most weber spirit grills come with two or three burners, while weber genesis grills have 3 or 4 burners. The weber genesis grills are, therefore, more versatile than weber spirit grills.

BTUs and cooking space

The BTU numbers in these grills also differ. The British Thermal Unit (BTU) shows how much fuel a grill uses. A grill with a high BTU rating will perform better than one with a low rating. Weber genesis has higher BTU numbers than Weber spirit grills. Most Weber spirit grills have BTUs of heat ranging from 26500 and 30000. Weber genesis grills, on the other hand, have BTUs of between 37500 and 72000. Apart from the BTU numbers, you should also check the cooking area that you can get from a grill. Weber genesis grills offer more cooking surface area than weber spirit grills.


Weber grills come with different designs. Most of the Weber spirit grills feature an open cart design, while most Weber genesis grills feature an enclosed cart. The open cart design is better in a grill since it offers more storage space for grill accessories.

Weber spirit vs. genesis-A comparison overview

Weber spirit

You can find a series of gas grills under this category, such as the Web spirit II E-310, II E-210, E330. The weber spirit grills are user-friendly cooking appliances that come in different colors. They are affordable grills that use natural gas, liquid, or propane. You can choose a weber spirit grill that either has two or three burners. These gas grills offer enough cooking space that makes them ideal for small and medium sized families.

Weber designs these grills with quality parts such as stainless steel and cast iron that make them durable. One thing that draws people to weber spirit grills is the triangular-shaped bars they come with. These bars not only boost aesthetic value but also prevent flare-ups. They also add a particular flavor to food.

Since most weber spirit gas grills have an open cart design, they look good and are mobile. You can fit such a grill into a deck without taking up a lot of space. Advanced weber spirit grills also include additional features such as a sear station that can help you sear meats quickly and a side burner. You can rely on such gas grills even in different weather conditions. Since these grills use the quick ignite system, you can easily ignite them.

Weber spirit gas grills are also easy to use since they are designed with iGrill 3 technology. This lets you monitor different aspects of the grill through a smartphone. You only need to download the app for you to start managing the temperature. Weber spirit gas grills even come with tires that make them easy to move.

If you don’t like a complicated cleaning process after grilling, you will enjoy using a weber spirit grill. This comes with a grease collection pan that is easy to clean. Since the manufacturers of these gas grills are confident with their quality, they accompany them with a ten-year warranty.


  • Come at an affordable price
  • Made from quality components
  • You can control them through a smartphone
  • Offer adequate cooking space
  • Come with an extended warranty


  • Most grills only have basic features


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Weber Genesis

The weber genesis grills are offered with natural gas and propane connections. These grills are superior since they are loaded with numerous features that can help you fulfill different grilling needs. Some of the weber genesis grills that you can check out include E-435, W-310, E-335, and E410.

Since they come with a large cooking area, you can cook lots of food using them at a go. For instance, you can cook up to 20 burgers simultaneously using a weber genesis grill. One of the things that draw many customers to the weber genesis grills is the high number of burners they come with. You can get one that contains either 3 or 4 burners.

Like the grills above, Weber Genesis grills also use the iGrill technology. This allows you to check the meat temperature remotely as it cooks. Most weber genesis grills are made using stainless steel, which makes them long-lasting. They also contain cast-iron grates that allow the grill to heat consistently and boost heat retention. Since they contain sear zones, they can add some appealing grill marks on the meat. If you want to make sauces, you should utilize the side burner that Weber Genesis grills come with.

Apart from that, Weber Genesis grills include a GS4 grilling system which enhances its performance. This makes it easy to manage grease on the grill and even boosts the flavor of food. Thanks to the inclusion of a fuel gauge in such models, you can easily monitor the amount of fuel in the tank so that you can plan when to refill it.


  • Use iGrill technology
  • Made from stainless steel
  • You can easily manage grease from these grills
  • Come with a ten-year warranty
  • High BTU rating


  • High cost


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Verdict: So, which is better? Weber spirit or genesis

Both Weber spirit and genesis are highly performing grills from a popular brand. After comparing them, we found out that Weber genesis is better than Weber spirit grills. This is because such grills have additional features that can give you a better grilling experience. Weber spirit grills, on the other hand, are ideal for budget-oriented customers looking for grills with basic features.


Which grill should I choose when I have a large family?

Look for a Weber Genesis grill since this can offer enough cooking surface area. This can help you fulfill the cooking needs of a large family.

Why do I need a side burner?

This is a feature that is found in some of the Weber grills. You can use it to prepare a warm sauce for your meal.

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