Can you grill in the rain?

There is nothing worse than unexpected rain during a barbeque. However, rain or not, the barbeque/grill must still go on. Can you grill in the rain? Read on to find out.

Sometimes it might be raining outside but you need to grill some food. Some people tend to shy away from grilling when it’s raining. But first things first, can you grill in the rain? Yes. When rain threatens your grilling experience, you have to adjust to the situation. However, consider the intensity of the rain and the type of grill that you are using. You will also put in some extra work compared to other weather conditions.

How to grill in the rain

Get shelter

You should shelter when you grill in the rain. The shelter will enable you to stay on-site to turn and monitor your food as you grill. You will need shelter both for you and your grill at the same time.


A large patio umbrella is ideal if you do not have a grilling canopy. The umbrella will however be shaky when it’s extremely windy. You should also expect to discolor with time.

Grilling station

A grilling station will be perfect for any weather. It’s convenient and permanent, any last-minute adjustments are not required. It is however expensive to construct since you will need professionals to ensure its properly constructed.

BBQ canopy

BBQ canopy can be constructed when a rainy season and you still want to enjoy your grilled foods. It is a small temporary structure meant to cover only the grilling area. It can easily be dismantled and used for the next harsh weather. Use materials that are weather and water-resistant. Ensure the canopy is also as high as possible to avoid accidents

A Tarp tent can be used when you need a quick large area to grill your food in the rain. You can easily set up a Barbeque party in a tarp tent. It can be as large as you want it to be. Use a flame-resistant tarp and never use a plastic one since it will melt away. Hang the tarp as high as possible to prevent it from catching a flame.

A retractable awning is useful for extending your patio. It is helpful when you need to grill food but it’s raining for you to do it outside. You will only need to use your grill when it’s raining and use the space as a relaxation area during other weather.

Be safe

Do not use an electric grill when grilling outside and in the rain. You can however use it inside but make sure it’s smokeless. You do not want to cause accidents and even death. A charcoal or propane grill is the two best grills for grilling in the rain. Besides, it’s not safe to put any of these grills in the kitchen or the garage.

A charcoal grill can cause carbon monoxide poisoning while a propane gas grill can cause hazards. For the charcoal grills, you need to keep the lid dry to prevent it from cooling and lowering the temperature for your food. Make sure to clean your grill after cooking and shut down propane gas for storage.

Control temperature

Grilling in the rain exposes you to the wind which slows down cooking and you might even have to reignite your gas grill. Grill windshields are necessary to ensure that you can still the grilling temperature is not interfered with. They will also help stabilize your grill to prevent it from falling over under very strong winds. You can also use wood pieces and stones to keep your grill in place.

Precook your food

When grilling under the rain, you might not want to outside for too long. You need to use foods that will not take tooling to cook. You can preseason your food before placing it on the grill and will take a shorter time. For meat dishes, use already thawed meat which is quicker to cook. Frozen meat takes twice as long as thawed one and might not be ideal in rainy weather.

Dos for cooking in the rain

Planning to cook in the rains means there’re some things you have different from your normal grilling weather. Good planning will reduce the risk of getting a bad grilling experience. Read on to find out what to do next time you plan to cook in the rain.

Get help

Between cooking and protecting yourself, the grill and food can be tedious for one person to handle. If you can, you should get someone to help out. If you are using an umbrella to cover your grill, you can use the other person to hold the umbrella. You will also be able to easily protect the grill from strong winds if and protecting it from falling over.

Source of heat

When using charcoal or wood as a source of energy for grilling, it’s important to keep them dry. Store them in a dry place. It’s difficult to use wet charcoal and wood, lighting them will also be close to impossible.


The rain will likely cool and slow down your grill. You will require hotter cooking heat. More charcoal or wood will be used compared to your normal. You need to use leaner meat that cooks faster. Do not forget to test the doneness of your food with a thermometer to achieve the desired flavor.

Final word

Grilling in the rain needs a little bit more work depending on the type of shelter and grill you are using. Ensure that you, the grill, and the food are well protected from the rain. Keep the temperature in check and you will enjoy a tasty and warm grilled meal.


What’s the benefit of grilling in the rain?

Food cooked in the rain tends to be tastier since the humidity makes it juicy. You will likely have to cook with a closed lid in the rain, as a result, food will be evenly cooked.

Will rain affect the grill?

Rain will lower the grill’s temperature while cooking. You will need a hotter temperature to cook. Clean the grill dry too after cooking. Failure to leads to mold. Water and oxygen will also make the grill rust easily lowering its quality.

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