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So many occasions littered within the year to not have a grill, spending time with family offers unmatched gratification, and sharing food creates long-term memories and unbreakable bonds. At Grillception we are determined to make each occasion memorable by providing you with actionable information about grills.

Man, started grilling food in the 17th century and with the advent of industrialization better grilling tools were made. In 1952 a modern Barbecue was invented, which was a major upgrade from the burning charcoal in shallow sheet metal. Since then the grill has continuously been innovated and people now have options to choose from.

Some of the popular grills are the modernized charcoal grills, the high-end gas grills that come with side burners, a smoker function, and rotisseries, and the kamado grill made from heavy ceramic and are usually used when slow roasting or smoking. There are so many grill brands in the market, ones that can suit a large household and others that can be used on the countertop to prepare meals for a small family.

All grills no matter the design or type of fuel they use operate under one principle, “dry heat cooking.” So what you will be looking out for when shopping for a grill is its size or capacity, the materials used to make the unit, whether they are durable and easy to clean, the source of fuel, and the ability to multi-task. We have other categories such as the portable grills that you can bundle in your trunk as you go on a road trip, or camping.

We also have combo grills that can smoke and grill at the same time, at Grillception we will provide you with reliable information about the types of grills currently available in the market be it the griddle grill, the grill pan, or the smoker combo grill among others. Other useful information that we thought it wise to consolidate are the grill cleaning equipment’s, most people are not aware that a dirty grill can alter their foods taste and smell.

So, to ensure that you get the best of grilling, we have searched the market for you and prepared a detailed excerpt on the various types of grill cleaners that will ensure the grilled and smoked foods retain their original taste and flavor. Our mission at Grillception is to ensure that you are well versed with the features to look for in a grill, you can also go through our grill suggestions to find one that suits your needs and style.