Traeger pro 575 review

Are you looking to buy your first grill? If yes, you should consider an entry-level grill such as Traeger pro 575. This is a quality appliance that can help you grill meat and vegetables effortlessly.

Grills have come a long way. The market offers not only charcoal grills but also pellet grills that add a distinct flavor to food. The Traeger pro 575 is a good example of a pellet grill that can introduce you to a way of cooking delicious meals outdoors. Here is everything that you should know before investing in this grill.

Traeger pro 575 review and breakdown

Traeger is a popular brand that is known for producing quality grills in the US. This specific model uses wood pellets as the primary source of fuel. It is a 6 in 1 unit that can help you prepare various meals, both grilled and roasted. Pellet grilling infuses food with an appealing wood smoke flavor that is hard to get from a charcoal or gas grill.

The pro 575 Traeger model has a grill size of 3709 sq. cms and is designed for outdoor use only. You should, however, set it near a power source since it cannot work without electricity. When it comes to controlling it, you can either operate it manually or through wifi. It contains a hopper that is designed to hold the pellets. The hopper capacity of this grill is about 8.1 kgs. One of the things that make many people choose this grill is its ease of use. It comes with modern features that put you in control of your grilling sessions.

What we liked

  • It is user-friendly
  • Offers sufficient cooking space
  • Cleaning is a breeze
  • It takes a short time to cool down after use
  • Solid construction

What we didn’t like

  • It comes at a high price
  • The fuel is not easy to find


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Traeger pro 575 specifications

Dimensions 53 x 27 x 41 inches
Weight 124 pounds
Fuel type Wood pellets
Hopper capacity 8.1 kg
Grill size 3709 sq. cms
Temperature 450 degrees F.
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Traeger pro 575 features


This is the first thing that many potential buyers notice when they come across the pellet grill. It is a unique grill that comes in battleship-like build quality. Most customers reveal that the Traeger pro 575 has the same appearance as a mini steam engine. You can get this grill in either the rustic brown or classic black color. It also offers a cooking space of about 575 sq. inches and has all-terrain wheels that make it easy to maneuver and long-lasting.

Fuel type

Rather than using charcoal or gas, this grill uses wood pellets. It contains a motorized auger that transports the fuel pellets from the storage hopper to its electrically powered furnace. The Traeger pro 575 can use different wood pellets such as cherry, maple, apple, or oak. Each type of wood pellet can easily infuse food with a unique aroma. If you invest in this grill, you should get at least 9kg bags of wood pellets for multiple cooking sessions. Some people reveal that wood pellets are more expensive than fuel types such as charcoal.

Cooking performance

The Traeger pro 575 is a versatile grill that offers an excellent cooking performance. For instance, it performs well at slow cooking and smoking. You can use it to smoke meat at low temperatures or sear steaks at the highest temperature setting. This grill also performs well when it comes to baking or roasting certain foods. The grill has a controller that maintains constant temperature without fluctuations throughout the entire grilling process.

WiFIRE wifi connectivity

This is also another cool feature that makes the Traeger pro 575 stand out among conventional grills. You can easily connect this grill to your wifi and control it from any location. The grill comes with a WiFIRE controller, which is mounted on the front part of the hopper. Though you can operate this at the smoker, operating it remotely through an app can give you a unique experience.

For you to utilize this feature remotely, you should first download the Traeger app on an Android or iOS device then connect to the grill’s wifi-enabled controller. This makes cooking using the grill quite easy since it allows you to set an ideal temperature as you do other activities. It also lets you set the timer so that you don’t have to keep on monitoring the food status every five minutes.

Feel free to download different recipes to the app. If, for instance, you want to grill fish, you simply have to pick the right recipe in the app and click cook now. The grill will begin to heat up and even notify you through your phone once it gets to the right temperature. You can even keep tabs on the chip levels in your grill.

Turbo Temperature

Apart from wifi connectivity, this grill also features a brushless DC motor and PID controller that can help you achieve the temperature you prefer. Its shape creates a vortex that allows the smoke in the barrel to coat the food with a delicious flavor. It has a temperature range of 180-450 degrees F.

Who is it best suited for?

If you are serious about outdoor grilling, the Traeger pro 575 is for you. It is ideal for both experienced chefs who would like to get the most out of different ingredients as well as newbies. If you have a large budget for a grill, this model is for you. This grill can help you cater to the cooking needs of your family and friends. This is not an ideal grill for people looking for a pocket-friendly option.

Are there alternatives to Traeger pro 575?

Do you feel that the Traeger pro 575 is not the right grill for you? If yes, you should focus on its alternatives. Some of them include Traeger pro 780, Traeger Pro series 3 and Rec-Tec RT-590. These have some similarities and also distinguishing features compared to the Traeger pro 575 model.

Features of these alternatives

Name Traeger pro 780 Traeger Pro series 34 Rec-Tec RT-590
Hopper capacity 18 lb 18 lb 30 lb
Grilling area 780 sq. inches 884 sq. inches 534 sq. inches
Wifi Yes No Yes
Fuel type Charcoal or wood Wood wood
Weight 146 lb 136 lb 160 lb
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Verdict: So, should you buy Traeger pro 575?

Yes. You should consider purchasing the Traeger pro 575. Though this is not the cheapest grill available in the market, it can give you value for your cash. This is because it comes with incredible features that make it a reliable smoker. You can depend on this grill to cook meat, vegetables, and fish. The incorporation of modern technology is a bonus to this grill.


Can I implement cooking techniques such as searing on this grill?

Yes. You can sear using this grill by setting it at a high temperature.

Can I bring this grill camping?

No. Since this grill weighs more than 120 pounds, it can be hard to take it to a campsite. It also depends on electricity, which makes it unsuitable for camping.

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