Best Grill Cleaner

A clean grill will tickle your nose with the delicious aroma of cooked meat, and using the recommended grill cleaner ensures that your grill lasts longer and cooks better.

When it comes to cleaning the BBQ grills there are variable options but it all boils down to the type of stain or dirt that you are dealing with and the finish that you wish to achieve. Some grill cleaners have been formulated to be used both on the exterior and interior of grills, there are also the standard cleaning detergents for general purpose cleaning. And you can also find formulations tailored to act on rust and to remove the caked-on grease stains.

So, if you still wish to enjoy freshly grilled foods, you will have to invest in a grill cleaner, either one that is versatile to cater to the various types of stains or a tailor-made grill cleaner that will suffice for your specific cooking style. Below is a review of the best grill cleaner, read on.

Best Grill Cleaner-Comparison Table

Best Grill Cleaner Application Check Price
Evapo-Rust ER004, The Original Super Safe Rust RemoverRust removerCheck Price Here
GRILLART Grill Brush and Scraper Best BBQ Brush for GrillFor use on stubborn stainsCheck Price Here
Traeger Grills BAC403 All Natural Cleaner Grill Accessories 950 mlAll-round cleanerCheck Price Here
Elaziy Grill Griddle Cleaning Brick BlockStains, grease, residue, and dirtCheck Price Here
Dawn Powerwash Spray Starter KitGeneral cleaning fresh-scented liquid soapCheck Price Here
Goo Gone Grill and Grate CleanerWorks on baked-on deposits, grease, carbon, and caked-on foodCheck Price Here
Carbona 320 Carbona 2-In 1 Oven Rack And Barbeque Cleaner 500mlOven rack and grill cleanerCheck Price Here
Citrusafe Grill Cleaning Spray - BBQ Grid And Grill Grate CleanserFor use on gas and charcoal grillsCheck Price Here
Kona Safe/Clean Grill Brush - Bristle Free BBQ Grill BrushGrill cleanerCheck Price Here
Reviews of the best grill cleaners

Evapo-Rust ER004, the Original Super Safe Rust Remover

Grills are made of metal thus rusting is a common occurrence, however, for the new users, this might come as a shock, as there are limited ways of efficiently removing rust from grills. Important to note also is that most grills are corrosion resistant but without proper care, they will succumb to rust. Evapo-Rust is a safe rust removal formulation, which when used will ensure that you don’t eat the loose rust dust.

The liquid detergent is environmentally safe, it is a water-based product that will effectively remove rust from your grill without intense scrubbing or sanding. According to the manufacturer’s users don’t necessarily have to put on protective clothing because the solution is water-based, does not contain any fumes or odors. And even better is that it is tailor-made to only work on the rust and will not affect any surrounding equipments such as plastic, Viton, PVC, or even the paint on the wall or the surface of your grill.

Once opened do not discard because the detergent remains functional even after being exposed to air. You can, therefore, re-use it or use it on other items such as automotive parts, sewing machines, antiques, or toys.


  • Has not incorporated acids, bases, VOCs, or solvents
  • versatile and can be used on cookware sewing machines or toys
  • It is safe on the skin and eyes
  • It is an environmentally safe product


  • Takes a lot of time to work


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GRILLART Grill Brush and Scraper Best BBQ Brush for Grill

After a long weekend of enjoying grilled chicken and meat steaks, it’s time to restore your grill grates to their original look. The sticky stubborn mess from burnt chicken and meat skin in combination with oil is not the easiest thing to remove with your standard grill cleaning solution. But with the Grillart grill brush and scraper, you can be sure that your grill will be as good as new once you are done cleaning.

Grillart is a three in one bristle brush, featuring a 360 design for use in cleaning your grill in 360 degrees. The grill cleaner has been made with a perfect angle design in the area between the brush head and the handle to offer comfort if you have a huge cleaning task, thus enabling you to finish your cleaning task with minimal effort.

The brush has additionally been equipped with an 18inch long and thick plastic handle that enables a comfortable grip. The grill cleaner can be used on different types of equipment’s be it an infrared grill, a smoker, or charcoal grill it will provide you with a brand new grill in less time. One of the unique features of this grill cleaner is that it can be used on a grill that has fire, and has, therefore, incorporated an 18inch long handle that will effectively keep your hands away from the fire.


  • Features a robust build on the brush area
  • Cleans perfectly
  • The perfect cleaner for removing charred foods
  • Comfortable to use


  • The handle is not durably built
  • The bristles come out


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Traeger Grills BAC403 All Natural Cleaner

Traeger Grill All Natural Cleaner has been formulated to ensure that your grill remains as shiny as it was first bought. The cleaning detergent has been specially formulated for use with the Traeger grills among other accessories, the formulation has incorporated a grease-cutting agent that will effectively handle a big mess without using any harmful chemicals.

The all-natural cleaner is derived from plant ingredients, can be used on all food surfaces, and is biodegradable. The grill cleaner does not scent, it is non-flammable and non-allergenic.


  • Works fast and easily
  • Wipes off smoke
  • Retains the aesthetics of the grill
  • It is a food-safe cleaner


  • Formulated for use on Traeger grils


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Elaziy Grill Griddle Cleaning Brick Block

Elaziy brick blocks are made of odorless ecological materials and have been specifically designed to help get rid of encrusted dirt, residue, and grease stains. And even though they look heavy the grill bricks are light in weight with a natural anti-slip grip surface that will make cleaning your enameled surfaces, kitchen utensils, and oven a breeze.

The cleaning blocks are decently sized to minimize fatigue during cleaning and have a durable descaling construction that enhances the cleaning process without necessarily straining the hands or the wrists. The blocks we must say thoroughly clean when compared to bristles and all you have to do after cleaning is blow off the dust.

The blocks conform to any surface that they clean, they are non-toxic and odorless thus will keep your grill free from bacteria that are normally attracted by food residue. The pumice stone is gentle on the user’s hands and can be used around pets and kids.


  • Perfect for caked stubborn stains on the grates
  • Removes overstayed burned grease and residue
  • Works well with minimal strength
  • leaves the grill shining


  • The blocks wear down quickly
  • The blocks leave a lot of grit


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Dawn Powerwash Spray Starter Kit

Dawn powerwash is a grease cutter and all you have to do is spray it on your grill, let it sit, wipe, and then rinse off the dirt. And given that it comes with an ergonomically designed spray bottle, you can use it to spray the inside parts of your grill and wipe it clean. The dawn ultra powerwash will leave behind a fresh scent and you also have the option of choosing the scent that you like ranging from the all-natural fresh scent, citrus, apple, and light pear scent.

The formulation obliterates the need to scrub, and the grease cutter works 3X faster. It is also versatile for use on different types of kitchen equipment.


  • The perfect stain remover
  • The soap works fast and is easy to use
  • Versatile for use with other kitchen appliances
  • Smells nice


  • Soaking is a must when using the grill cleaner
  • The trigger on the spray bottle can barely move


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Goo Gone Grill and Grate Cleaner

Goo Gone grill and grate cleaner is a fast-acting grease-cutting formula, that can also be used on food preparation surfaces. The formulation is biodegradable and minimizes flareups and smokes, the grill cleaner has been tailored to work on baked-on deposits, caked-on food, carbon, and grease. Important to note is that it should not be used with aluminum or faux stainless steel.

The surface safe cleaner is versatile and can be used on drip pans, cooking grates or racks, and grill interiors and exteriors.


  • Removes stubborn stains and burned foods
  • Perfect for porcelain and stainless steel surfaces
  • The cleaner is versatile
  • Works fast and is easy to use


  • Irritates the eyes
  • The appliance to be cleaned must be soaked


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Carbona 320 Carbona 2-In 1 Oven Rack and Barbeque Cleaner 500ml

Carbona is an oven rack and BBQ cleaner that offers a safe and seamless way of removing stains, dirt, and grease. Carbona has been formulated for use on appliances made of stainless steel and enamel, and for the best cleaning results, the grill should be pre-cleaned, either with the brick block or a wire brush before using Carbona.

You can then soak the stubborn stain with Carbona 320 and give it enough time for the chemical reactions to take place. Ensure that your racks are conveniently placed in the plastic bag and then pour the cleaner on it. Seal the bag and turn it from time to time within a 12-hour time frame then rinse off the loose stains and gunk.


  • Efficiently gets rid of baked grease
  • The cleaning solution is good for tough stains
  • Easy to use
  • Minimal scrubbing is needed after soaking


  • Pricey
  • Takes a long to work


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Citrusafe Grill Cleaning Spray – BBQ Grid And Grill Grate Cleanser

Citrusafe has been formulated for use on gas and charcoal grills and to provide users with the best results it uses the properties of citrus compounds to clean the grills. It is safe for use around family members given that its ingredients have been derived from natural ingredients, and is biodegradable. Before using citrusafe on any appliance, you must first heat the grill and then scrub away the grease, the spray can be used on ovens cookers, smokers, and microwaves.

Individuals looking to remove crusted greased are better off with citrusafe because it gets rid of tough stains and grease fast.


  • Leaves behind a refreshing smell
  • Easily dissolves crusted and blackened grease
  • Best for use on grills and gas stoves
  • Made from natural ingredients thus safe for use


  • Lots of scrubbing needed


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Kona Safe/Clean Grill Brush – Bristle Free BBQ Grill Brush

To use the Kona Safe BBQ grill brush you must first pre-heat the grill and then fill a small container with water that you will use to keep the brush as you frequently scrub. The grill brush creates a steam cleaning effect any time that the wet brush touches the hot grill during cleaning. The bristle-free barbecue brush enables effortless cleaning on the top and sides of the grill grate, it is made of a hardwired stainless steel material that efficiently cuts through gunk without scratching your grill.


  • Good for cleaning the ceramic grates
  • The grill brush features a sturdy build
  • Equipped with a safe longer handle
  • The grill brush is light in weight thus easy to handle


  • Requires some effort when cleaning


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Reasons why you should thoroughly clean your grill

Fresh and delicious taste

A dirty grill will change the taste and smell of the freshly grilled foods, any food remnants that get heated again will transmit the smell of the spices used, and since the leftovers will get burnt, all that will be transferred to the fresh food that you are grilling. So, to be on the safe side, your grill should be as clean as new anytime you want to grill food.

Food Contamination

Grills must be cleaned immediately after use, overstayed gunk leads to the development of harmful germs and bacteria that could cause food poisoning when consumed.

A dirty grill attracts pests – A dirty grill is a perfect shelter and food source for rats, mice, and possums, they will feed on the leftovers, and leave behind their droppings. Pests spread harmful germs and diseases the reason why your grill should always be kept clean.

Leads to rust– failure to properly maintain your grill will lead to the development of rust, and for as much as there are cleaning solutions that can remove rust, you will probably end up damaging your grill grates, trying to scrub out the rust.

Your grill will heat up faster– don’t be among the one percent of individuals that believe when you heat up a dirty grill all the germs instantly die of heat. A dirty grill takes a longer time to conduct heat because of the accumulated gunk. And not all the parts get heated equally, some parts will take longer, and will probably contaminate your food.

A clean grill heats up fast and cooks fast, thus saves on time and even gives you enough time after cooking to clean up.

Leads to flare-ups – flare-ups are a common occurrence with dirty grills because of the grease left behind from the previous cooking. The accumulation of excess grease on your grill could cause a serious fire, which will then burn the food and render it unfit for consumption.

Clean grill prevents the build-up of carcinogens– grill cleaning and sterilization prevents the buildup of carcinogens. The latter is known to cause cancer in humans, they interact with the cell’s DNA and induce genetic mutations. To prevent the above, invest in one of the grill cleaners reviewed above, such as the grill brush or the grill block to help get rid of the diseases causing gunk.


Can I get sick from a dirty grill?

Yes, you can get sick from a dirty grill because they contain a lot of bacterial caused by the overstayed foods.

What will happen if I don’t clean my grill?

Cooking with a dirty grill will alter the taste and smell of the fresh food that you want to cook because the leftover foods and grease will go up in flames and interfere with the original taste and smell of the fresh food.

Can grill temperature kill bacteria?

Yes, grill temperature can kill bacteria, all you have to do is preheat the grill for at least 25 minutes before you start cooking.


Finding a suitable grill cleaner should not be a problem, for as long as you understand the type of stain that you are going to clean. On some occasions, you might have to invest in more than one grill cleaner, especially if your grill has stayed for long without cleaning. You will, therefore, need a tough grill brush to get rid of the chared food and grease. You might also need the brick block to get rid of the stubborn stains and a rust remover, to restore the original look of your grill.

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