Propane vs. natural gas grill

Grilling can help you make numerous recipes from the comfort of your home. If you are searching for this cooking tool, some of the options that you should weigh are propane vs. natural gas grills.

Such grills can make your summer unique since they give you a chance to hold barbeque parties in your home. Choosing between them is, however, not that easy. You have to find out how they differ before you make your decision. This comparison review can help. Read on!

What are the differences between natural and propane gas grills?

Name Propane gas grill Natural gas grill
Taste Better Less impact on food
Portability More portable Less portable
Safety Less safe Safe
Space Not space saving It is space-saving
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Propane vs. natural gas grill- How do they compare?


One of the things that distinguish these two types of grills is the taste they deliver on food. A propane gas grill produces better tasting food than a natural gas grill. A natural gas grill tends to burn cleaner and therefore has less impact on food. On the other hand, the propane gas grill burns hotter, producing an authentic grill taste on food.


Before choosing either of these grill options, you should first determine how much you want to spend to start grilling. Though natural gas grill is cheaper compared to propane, it subjects you to some setup costs. The cost of installing a natural gas connection is high. Many people choose a propane gas grill since it has an instant setup.


You should also assess your needs before investing in a grill. If, for instance, you would like to use a grill elsewhere other than your home, you should go for a highly portable one. A propane gas grill is more portable than a natural gas grill. You can take a propane gas grill with you even in a remote location and still enjoy grilling. You only need a canister to achieve this. Since natural gas depends on the supply line, it is less portable.


Propane and natural gas also differ when it comes to their densities. Natural gas is lighter than propane. If natural gas leaks, it can float away. A propane leak can, however, remain on the surface for some time. If this gas leaks in an enclosed area, it is unsafe since it can easily ignite. A natural gas grill is, therefore, safer than a propane gas grill.


It is also essential to consider the space you have before choosing a grill option. The natural gas grill is more saving compared to the propane gas grill. Since natural gas comes from an outlet, you don’t have to worry about getting any extra space for a canister. A propane gas grill needs some extra space for the canister. This is not only bulky but is also less visually appealing.

Propane vs. natural gas grill-A comparison overview

Propane gas grill

Propane is one of the fuel sources that some grills use. This refers to the liquefied gas that is often stored in canisters. It is not connected to a certain gas line. This gas is a processed and refined by-product of petroleum and natural gas.

Once the propane is refined in the form of gas, it goes through compression and is covered into liquid form, which is easy to transform. This can now be used as a fuel source for grills. Since propane has a low boiling point, it can easily vaporize once it escapes the gas bottle container. Many people choose propane over other fuels like coal since it burns better. Just like natural gas, propane has a low carbon emission rate.

Since a propane gas grill can produce a lot of heat, it can help you cook different foods in less time. Since this grill burns hotter, it delivers an authentic taste on foods. Many people choose the propane gas grill since it does not come with upfront costs. You can install it anywhere. It prevents you from any installation costs.

If you need a gas grill that will not tie you down to one location, you should choose one that uses propane as the primary source of fuel. You can bring a propane gas grill anywhere as long as you carry the canister with you. If you choose this grill, you should always have a few propane tanks on standby so that you don’t get stranded while grilling in case the fuel runs out.


  • Highly portable
  • No upfront costs
  • It is energy efficient
  • This leads to better tasting grilled meals


  • This grill needs extra space for the canister


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Natural gas grill

This refers to a gas-powered grill. For such a burner to run, it requires a mains gas supply. Gas is a combination of different elements such as helium, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide. Gas is naturally occurring, and it is created when animals and plants die and decompose. It is often found underground, and it can be captured. Once captured, the gas is delivered through pipes to processing plants that purify and stabilize it.

For you to utilize a natural gas grill, you should first pay for natural gas installation in your house. If your home lacks a gas line that gets to the porch, the process of setting up a natural gas grill may be complicated. You should consider getting a natural gas grill that features a kit that can make the setup process easier.

A natural gas grill is environmental-friendly. This is because natural gas tends to burn fast, and it emits less carbon. By choosing a natural gas grill, you can enjoy barbecues without increasing your carbon footprint. Many people also choose this option since it is quite convenient. This is because you don’t have to monitor the usage since the main gas has an endless supply. You cannot run out of out in the middle of grilling. Natural gas grills have wider ports that can enhance the flow of gas.


  • It is cost-effective
  • Environmentally friendly
  • You can never run out of fuel
  • Convenient
  • It is space-saving


  • The initial setup is challenging


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Verdict: So, which is better? Propane or natural gas grill

During our comparison, we found out that both grills have their benefits. You should therefore let your style of grilling guide you into choosing the right one. A propane gas grill is more convenient, portable, and easy to install. It also produces more heat and delivers food with a better grill taste. Natural gas grill, on the other hand, is more environmentally friendly and safer. We, therefore, choose propane grill as the clear winner since it has numerous benefits.


Can I get a kit that uses both fuel options?

Yes. If you are torn between choosing a propane or natural gas grill, you can get a kit that operates with both gas types.

Which of the two grills produces more heat?

A good grill should produce lots of heat. That is what you can get from a propane gas grill. This can burn at a higher temperature than the natural gas grill. It offers good performance in chargrilling food.

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