Pit boss vs. Traeger- Which is a better pellet grill brand?

If you are interested in making barbeque in your home, you should invest in a good grill. Most households purchase pellet grills from Pit Boss and Traeger.

These are popular brands that have quality pellet grills. You can use grills from such brands to do different things such as smoking, grilling, searing, or baking. Finding out how these brands differ can help you choose the right pellet grill for your home. That is where we come in. We will compare Pit boss vs. Traeger to help you make a more informed decision during your purchase. Enjoy!

What are the differences between Pit boss and Traeger?

Name Pit boss Traeger
Temperature Range 180- 500 degrees F 180-400 degrees F
Grilling space 849 sq. in. 575 sq. in.
WiFIRE technology Not available Available
Hopper capacity 18 pounds 5-27 pounds
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Pit boss vs. Traeger- How do they compare

Temperature range

Many people invest in pellet grills since they like how versatile they are. These grills come with an internal heating system and smart control panels. A good pellet grill should have a wide temperature range. Many Traeger grills have a temperature range of between 180 and 400 degrees F. Though this temperature range can allow you to grill and smoke different recipes, it is less than that of Pit Boss grills. Pit boss grills have a temperature range of 180-500 degrees F. In this category, Pit Boss therefore wins.

Cooking surface area

Both Pit Boss and Traeger offer a wide range of products. Whether you need portable-sized pellet grills or commercial grade grills, you can find one from either of these brands. Despite this similarity, Pit Boss offers more grilling space compared to Traeger. If you have many people to feed, you should choose a grill from Pit boss due to its extra cooking surface area.

WiFIRE technology

Before choosing a grill, you should also find out which technologies different brands use. Traeger stands out since it uses WiFIRE technology. This connects the grill to a smartphone app. You can then use the app to control different cooking aspects, such as turning on the grill, setting a timer, or adjusting the temperature. The technology even allows you to monitor the temperature of the food you are cooking through a probe thermometer. Since Pit Boss does not use such advanced technology, Traeger wins in this category.

Hopper capacity

When looking for the right pellet grill, you should also check its hopper capacity. This is the part that holds the wooden pellets. A small hopper can give you more work of constantly refilling the pellet supply. Traeger pellet grills have hoppers that can hold 18 pounds of pellets. On the other hand, Pit boss grills have hopper capacities that range from 5-27 pounds. Most Pit boss grills, therefore, offer more hopper capacity than Traeger grills.

Pit boss vs. Traeger- A comparison overview

Pit Boss

This brand has been producing grills since the 90s. It is known to produce durable pellet grills. Pit Boss offers a wide range of grill types such as kamado, specialty cookers, and flat-top grills. One of the things that makes this brand stand out is quality. Regardless of the grill type you choose from Pit Boss, you should expect it to give you service for a long time.

Apart from that, you can enjoy a wide temperature range by choosing a pellet grill from Pit Boss. Most of the grills from this brand have a range of 180-500 degrees F. These allow you to easily smoke and grill so many recipes in a short duration. If, for instance, you need a pellet grill that can help you bake pizza, you should consider getting one from Pit Boss.

Besides the wide temperature range, choosing a grill from Pit Boss can help you enjoy a wide surface area. You can grill so much food on a grill from Pit boss. The hopper capacity you get depends on the specific Pit Boss grill you choose. While some cheap Pit Boss pellet grills offer a small hopper capacity, newer models have a hopper capacity of more than 20 pounds. Apart from that, Pit Boss grills use the slide and sear system.


  • The grills have a wide cooking surface area
  • It uses durable components in its grills
  • It offers a wide temperature range
  • Large hopper capacity


  • Does not use advanced technology


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This is also another brand known for its high-performing pellet grills. Traeger is one of the pioneers of pellet grills since it started creating such cookers in the 1980s. Grills from this manufacturer come in an elegant design. Though they look like barrel-style grills, they work differently. Rather than using gas or charcoal burners as the source of fuel, Traeger uses wooden pellets that heat food.

The wooden pellets are loaded into a specific hopper which is mounted at the grill’s side. Traeger grills are not only easy to use but also deliver wood-fired flavoring into different foods. Though other manufacturers of pellet grills have come up, Traeger has remained a famous brand in this industry. Some of the grills that you can get from this brand include the Traeger ironwood 885 and pro series 575.

Though Traeger grills don’t have an extensive temperature range, the manufacturer designs them with WiFire Technology. This makes the grill easier to use since you can easily control it using your phone. You only need to use the app on your smartphone to start enjoying this advanced technology. It allows you to grill food even from a distance and make different changes, such as setting the timer.

Apart from that, Traeger grills have a considerable hopper capacity. You don’t have to keep on refilling wooden pellets in these grills since they can hold at least 18 pounds. This should be enough for long smoking and grilling sessions. When you choose a grill from Traeger, you should expect it to come with a warranty of at least three years.


  • You can get different grill types from Traeger
  • Uses WiFIRE technology
  • Has reasonable hopping capacity
  • High-quality grills
  • It offers visually appealing grills


  • Most grills from this brand come at a high price


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Verdict: So, which is better? Pit boss or Traeger

Both Pit Boss and Traeger are reputable brands that produce great grills. After comparing these two grill brands, we found out that Pit Boss has a wider temperature range and more cooking surface area. This brand also has more affordable grills compared to Traeger.

Traeger grills are, however, better when it comes to quality and design. We also liked the advanced technology they are designed with since they make grilling and smoking a breeze. By sticking to this brand, you can get more value for your cash. Traeger pellet grills are the clear winner in this comparison.


Why should I buy a wood pellet grill?

This is better than other grills since it gives food a unique flavor and has good temperature control.

What Pit Boss grills can I choose from?

Some of the models that you can get from this company include the Austin XL grill, Sportsman 820 grill, or stainless still burner.

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