Pit boss pellet grill reviews

If you like consuming tasty and healthy meals, you should consider investing in a grill. A pellet grill from Pit Boss can help you make all the delicious foods you enjoy from your backyard.

Pit Boss is a famous brand that has been making pellet grills for decades. Even when you are new to pellet grilling, you can find an ideal model from this manufacturer. We can help you out by discussing everything regarding the pit boss pellet grill. Enjoy!

Pit boss pellet grill review and break down

One thing that has made Pit Boss stand out among other brands is the creation of quality grills. Getting a grill from this company can help you prepare different kinds of foods as you experiment with varying cooking techniques. It is a famous brand that produces affordable grills. Some of the popular models from this company include Sportsman 820, 700FB, Pit Boss 5 vertical smoker, 440 Deluxe, and the Lockhart platinum series.

Pellet grills from Pit boss are known to be versatile and have a wide temperature range. Rather than using gas or charcoal, such models depend on wood pellets. Choosing a pellet grill from this brand can also help you enjoy durability since such models are built to last. They also come with a lot of features that make them convenient to use at home.

These are user-friendly pellet grills that anyone can use. You only need to fill them with wood pellets and turn the temperature control to the temperature you want. The grills will then ignite themselves to the right temperature and start cooking.

What we liked

  • Offers extended warranty
  • The grills come in different sizes
  • Solid construction
  • It is versatile and convenient
  • Budget-friendly

What we did not like

  • It lacks wifi connectivity


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Pit boss pellet grill specifications

Fuel Wood pellets
Wifi connectivity No
Temperature range 180-500 degrees F
Hopper capacity 5-27 pounds
Warranty 5 years
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Pit boss pellet grill features


If you have been looking for a solidly built grill, you should get one from Pit Boss. This manufacturer pays attention to detail when creating its pellet grills. This company offers fully insulated pellet grills that work well when it comes to retaining heat. The pellet grill can maintain a constant temperature even during cold weather. By choosing a pellet grill from Pit Boss, you don’t have to worry about leaking heat or inconsistency due to the high-quality build.


Pit boss pellet grill is a versatile appliance that allows you to do more than simply grilling. Most customers are impressed with this pellet grill since it can toast, sear, smoke, braise, or even bake. Once you invest in a pellet grill from this manufacturer, you don’t have to buy other small appliances for specific cooking tasks. It can, therefore, save you some cash.


The manufacturer ensures that customers can enjoy this versatility by designing the pit boss pellet grill with a wide temperature range. Pit boss can help you use different cooking techniques since it offers a temperature range of 180-500 degrees F. If, for instance, you would like to smoke a particular food, you need temperatures between 225 and 275 degrees F. Would you like to make steak on a pellet grill? You need a temperature of about 400 degrees F. With such a grill, you can, therefore, make all kinds of smoking and grilling recipes.


With the Pit Boss pellet grill, you cannot use propane, gas, or charcoal as fuel. This relies on natural wood pellets as the source of fuel. Though some people find the wood pellets costly, they infuse a unique aroma into your food. Wood pellets also come in different types that can result in distinct flavors in your foods. You have to load the pellets in a hopper.

The capacity of the hopper varies depending on the specific Pit boss grill model you have. This can range between 5-27 pounds. If you don’t want to keep on refilling the hopper, choose a model that has a large hopper capacity. For instance, a hopper whose capacity is more than 20 pounds can get you through numerous cooking sessions without the need to refill it.


Pit Boss pellet grills also come in different sizes. The brand offers both small and portable pellet grills and big pellet grills designed for commercial use. Focusing on this brand makes it easy for you to find the right size of pellet grill based on your specific needs. If you have a very small backyard, you can get a vertical smoker from this brand. Pit Boss, therefore, offers flexibility when it comes to the size of its pellet grills.


One thing that shows that Pit Boss is confident with the quality of its pellet grills is the extended warranty. A good warranty can also protect your purchase. Pit boss pellet grills come with a 5-year warranty. If any part malfunctions during this period, you can get it replaced without paying more cash.

Who is it best suited for?

If you have a low budget but are in need of a quality pellet grill, you should get one from Pit Boss. This is also ideal for newbies who would like to learn how to use a grill to prepare different foods. It is also ideal for a customer looking for a simple pellet grill with basic features. Since this pellet grill has a large cooking area, people with large families or host lots of house parties can also buy it.

Are there alternatives to pit boss pellet grill?

Yes. If you need a different kind of pellet grill, you should consider this brand’s alternatives. Some of them include the Traeger pellet grill, Z GRILLS 550A, and Cuisinart CPG-4000. Comparing the features of these pellet grills can help you find an ideal option.

Features of these alternatives

Name Traeger pellet grill Z GRILLS 550A Cuisinart CPG-4000
Wifi Yes No No
Hopper capacity 18 pounds 16 pounds 15 pounds
Temperature range 180-400 degrees F 180-450 degrees F 180-400 degrees F
Warranty Three years Three years 1 year
Cooking area 300 sq. in 590 sq. in. 450 sq. in.
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Verdict: So, should you buy the pit boss pellet grill?

Yes. Pit boss pellet grill is worth considering since it is a durable and versatile appliance that can help you enjoy cooking. This comes with a large hopper capacity and cooking surface area as well as long term warranty. Such characteristics make Pit boss stand out among other brands. Find the right model from this company today and start grilling all kinds of foods.


Which is the most common issue with Pit boss pellet grills?

Some users reveal that the grill does not feed the hopper as expected. This can sometimes stall the food you are cooking. You can solve this problem by stirring the pellets after adding them to the hopper.

Does Pit boss pellet grill use WiFIRE technology?

No. This cool feature is not present in pit boss pellet grills. The lack of wifi connectivity limits you to using the pellet grill manually rather than remotely.

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