Copper grill mat reviews

Do you love barbeques but dislike cleaning the grill? You are not alone. This is not the easiest task, especially when it is covered with sticky food particles. A Copper grill mat can help.

Sometimes big barbecues tend to create a mess on the grill. Since you have to clean the grill to enjoy cooking for longer, you need to invest in a grill mat that can make this easier. Though there are different types of grills available today, a copper grill mat stands out. Find out why you should consider getting it.

Copper grill mat review and breakdown

This simple mat adds a flat surface on the grill so that no particles fall directly on the grill. The copper grill mat has non-stick properties, and it enhances the distribution of heat to your food. You can now cook any tough to grill meals such as small vegetables, fruit, or thin fish on this mat.

The copper grill mat is designed to contain any mess from different foods such as burgers or steak during grilling. This can therefore make cleaning the grill after cooking a breeze. With a copper grill mat, you don’t have to rely on a grill brush anymore. It is thin and is made up of heat-resistant sheets. A set may contain at least five copper grill mats that can last for a long time. Since the copper grill mat has an extended service life, you can reuse it more than 100 times without experiencing any issues.

It is meant to sit between your food and the grill grates. This can ensure that food will not come into direct contact with the grates. The copper grill mat can therefore prevent food from losing excess liquid to the grill. As you use a copper grill mat, you can still get grill marks in certain foods.

What we liked

  • The material is a great heat conductor
  • It heats evenly
  • The mat comes in a large size
  • Protects the grill from getting messy
  • It is easy to customize

What we did not like

  • It tends to move while grilling due to its lightweight


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Copper grill mat specifications

Coating Non-stick
Temperature range 400-500 degrees F.
Size 17 x 23 inches
Thickness 0.2mm
Material Copper and PTFE blends
Weight 5.3 ounces
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Copper grill mat features


Copper is one of the materials known to conduct heat well. A good copper grill mat should be able to withstand temperatures ranging between 400 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit. It can withstand such heat levels without leaching into food or falling apart. It also does not burn quickly under such temperatures.


Most of the copper grill mats come in large sizes, and they can fit even large grills. If, for instance, you own a round charcoal grill, you can get a large copper grill mat and cut it to fit the grill. Though some copper grill mats are thick, choosing a thinner one is advisable since such can deliver great heat transmission.

Such a copper grill mat can even make the food get grill marks. Since a thin grill mat has less copper mass, it heats up fast and cools down in less time. By choosing a very thin copper grill mat, you will not struggle to cut it. This grill mat is easy to customize since it can easily fit on different-sized grills and trays.

Surface and material

The manufacturers of copper grill mats design them with a non-stick surface with PTFE blends. It does not stick to food easily. PTFE is the primary chemical in Teflon that is known to be safe. You should avoid heating this surface at extremely high temperatures since the PTFE can release a certain gas that can cause flu. Most copper grill mats are also safe since they are made with BPA-free material. It, therefore, does not expose your food to any harmful chemicals.


Many people buy the copper grill mat since it enhances the grilling experience. This can help you cook any kind of food without the risk of small foods falling between the grate. The copper grill mat can even make your food taste better since it prevents food from losing too much liquid to the grill. You can use it for cooking foods such as veggies or chicken. This is a versatile mat that you can use when baking foods.


For you to clean the copper grill mat, wait for it to cool down after grilling, then use a cloth to clean it. You should also utilize some warm water with soap when cleaning the copper grill mat. Rather than scrubbing it, wipe it gently to get rid of any leftover foods on the surface. Once you clean the copper grill mat, you can dry it under the sun for some time and store it.

Apart from hand washing, you can also get a copper grill mat that is dishwasher safe. This can increase convenience after grilling. You should avoid cleaning the surface of the copper grill mat with an abrasive such as steel wool since this can damage the non-stick coating. It can lead to scratches on the grill mat’s surface.

Who is it best suited for

The copper grill mat is ideal for cooking enthusiasts who spend a lot of time grilling food. Home chefs should consider buying this grill mat since it can make a significant difference when making different recipes on a grill. The copper grill mat is also ideal for campgrounds as well as parks since it offers a great cooking surface to prepare lots of dishes outdoors.

Are there alternatives to the copper grill mat?

Yes. Before you buy the copper grill mat, it is essential to compare it against other mats. Doing this can help you choose an ideal mat for your grill. Some of the alternatives to this grill mat include the Kona BBQ mat, Cuisinart PVC mat, and ACMETOP grill mat.

The features of these alternatives

Name Kona BBQ mat Cuisinart PVC mat ACMETOP grill mat
Surface Non-stick Non-slip Non-stick
Temperature Up to 600 degrees F Up to 500 degrees F Up to 500 degrees F
Thickness 0.39 mm 0.25 mm 0.25 mm
Weight 6.8 ounces 10.7 pounds 1.15 pounds
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Verdict: So, should you buy a copper grill mat?

Yes. The copper grill mat is a valuable accessory that you should consider buying. This can make cooking all kinds of food easy since it creates a flat surface for cooking on a grill. It promotes the even distribution of heat on food during grilling and makes cleaning the grill simple. Since a set comes with different sheets of copper grill mats, you can get value for your money by purchasing this grill.


What kinds of foods can I cook while using the copper grill mat?

You can prepare bacon, fish, shrimp, veggies, and even pancakes on a grill covered by the copper mat.

Can I use the copper grill mat on a grill with uneven hotspots?

Yes. If your grill has uneven cooking spots, adding the copper grill mat to it can even out the surface.

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