Best Smoker Grill Combo

Combination grills are fast and versatile and enable users to make and enjoy two different meals at the same time.

Getting a separate smoker and gas grill can be hectic especially if you consider storage space and the convenience of using either. A combo grill makes the job of smoking and grilling easy because you get both functions on one unit. Additionally, grilling and smoking are two distinct functions, some people prefer to grill more than smoking while others prefer to smoke as compared to grilling.

Whichever the case a combo grill offers a two in one solution for either of the activities and obliterates the need of getting separate units for either function. So, given the benefits of the combo grill, we have consolidated a list of the best smoker grill combo to help you make a conscious choice.

Best Smoker Grill Combo- Comparison Table

Best Smoker Grill Combo Charcoal/ Fuel type Check on Amazon
Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal GrillCheck Price Here
18-1/2 in. Classic Pit Barrel Cooker PackageCharcoalCheck Price Here
Kamado Joe KJ23RHC Classic II Ceramic Charcoal Grill,CharcoalCheck Price Here
Masterbuilt MB20040220 Gravity Series 560Corded ElectricCheck Price Here
Oklahoma Joe's combo grillPropaneCheck Price Here
Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster & GrillPropaneCheck Price Here
Cuisinart CPG-4000 Wood BBQ Grill & SmokerWood pelletCheck Price Here

Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill

The Weber Original Kettle presents as a simple charcoal grill and unbeknownst to most users is that it can double up as a smoker. To achieve the smoker setting, all you have to do is change the placement of the charcoal and you have a smoker. The construction of the charcoal grill can withstand high temperatures and you can, therefore, arrange the charcoal either directly or indirectly.

The cooking grate is hinged to allow you to add more charcoal as you grill. The charcoal grill has also been equipped with dampers that help reduce or increase the temperature of the grill. So instead of opening the grill all you have to do is tweak the damper knob. If you want the fire heat and fire to fizzle out, just deny the charcoal oxygen by completely covering the lid.

The handles of the grill have been made with a shield that keeps the lid handle from conducting heat, users also get utility hooks, which are used to contain the grilling tools such as a spatula and the tongs.


  • Has incorporated durable wheels
  • The handle has been shielded from heat
  • Features a one-touch cleaning system
  • Dampers help with temperature control


  • The kettle is difficult to assemble
  • The grill peels


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18-1/2 in. Classic Pit Barrel Cooker Package

The Classic pit barrel cooker package is a timeless unit with a large smoking capacity for individuals who prefer to smoke rather than grill. The provided grilling area is also pretty decent, and even better is that both of these functions can run simultaneously on the Classic Pit Barrel Cooker Package. The drum cooker has incorporated 8 stainless steel hooks used to hook and hang the meal that you are preparing.

You will also get a standard grate that you can use for grilling and searing. The drum cooker also features a coal basket with enough capacity to get your meals cooked at one time, and it has a simple and straightforward design that makes it easy to use and operate when compared to the high-end combo grills.

Assembling the unit is easy and the best thing is that it comes with everything that you will need to start grilling such as the hanging rods, a standard grill grate, a hook remover, and a charcoal basket.


  • The cooker package cooks fast
  • Robust build
  • Can be used to both cook and smoke
  • Easy to clean and use


  • The barrel is not deep enough


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Kamado Joe KJ23RHC Classic II Ceramic Charcoal Grill

Kamado Joe ceramic charcoal grill is a half-moon designed charcoal grill that allows one to cook different types of food, using different styles and with different temperatures simultaneously. The structural design of the charcoal grill enhances faster cooking, for example, you will find a fiberglass gasket incorporated on the edges of the grill which helps prevent air from penetrating the closed grill and slows down the cooking process.

The cooking surface has been divided into two allowing one to cook different types of food at the same time. The unit comes equipped with varied accessories that can be used to make different types of food, you will, therefore, find the joetieserrie that uses a powerful motor that can cook up to 20 pounds of food. You will also get to use the Dojoe to make your pizzas and the cooking surface has been equipped with durable cast-iron grates, soapstones, and griddles that you can use for smoking and grilling.

The combo grill is technologically equipped and all you have to do is set the temperature, close the grill, and do other tasks as you wait for your food to cook. For temperature control, the unit has incorporated a vent at the top part of the combo grill and a stainless steel latch that ensures heat and smoke don’t escape delivering perfectly cooked meals.


  • It is a versatile cooking grill
  • Easy and accurate temperature control
  • Different types of food can be cooked simultaneously
  • Has a huge capacity


  • Does not retain a consistent temperature
  • The paint peels


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Masterbuilt MB20040220 Gravity Series 560

The cooking capacity of the Masterbuilt gravity series is 560 sq. in. perfect for large families or individuals who entertain a lot of guests. The unit has incorporated technological features that will free up your hands and time to interact with family members and guests. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capacity allows you to monitor and control your grill from your smartphone but first, you have to download the Masterbuild application.

The unit has been designed to smoke and sear simultaneously, to which end you have been provided with reversible cast iron smoke and the sear grates. The higher capacity charcoal hopper will give you up to 12 hours and more of cooking time; users must not remove the charcoal briquettes after use. A feature that makes the combo grill easy to clean.

To effectively use the combo grill, ensure that you load up to 16lbs of the charcoal briquettes, use a fire starter to ignite it, and on the digital control panel, you can set the relevant temperature.


  • The grill heats up fast and maintains temperature
  • Connects To WiFi and Bluetooth
  • The grill is a great smoker
  • Easy to use and clean


  • The application is not seamless
  • Some of the parts are corrosive


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Oklahoma Joe’s combo grill

The Oklahoma Joe’s combo grill allows you to separate cooking chambers for a higher capacity gas grilling, smoking, and charcoal grilling. The unit is therefore highly versatile as it affords you two cooking chambers, one that you can use for the smoked foods and the other one for the gas grill. Other functional features that have been incorporated are the gas side burner and the offset firebox.

Smoke and heat control have been enabled by the incorporation of the dampers across the cooking chamber. Users also get to use the lid-mounted temperature gauges that allow them to keep tabs on the inside temperature. While the incorporated firebox access door enables seamless stocking without opening the cooking chamber lid.

The combo grill has also been equipped with a storage shelf that will accommodate all your cooking utensils and ingredients in one place. And the cool touch steel handles ensure that you can access the grill any time you wish without getting your fingers burned.


  • Features a smoker and charcoal compartment
  • Cooks perfectly
  • Offers up to three different functions
  • The propane heats up fast


  • The grill has gaps that need a sealant
  • Does not maintain heat levels


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Char-Broil the TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster & Grill

Char-Broil offers you up to three different functions in one unit, you will, therefore, roast, grill, and smoke your favorite foods in a 1200 square inch basket. Char-Broil is among the industry-leading unique combo grills that offer a Tru infrared cooking system. And which makes it the perfect grill to prepare your Thanksgiving turkey. The removable grill grate is perfect for your steaks, chops, burgers, wings, and veggies.

The incorporated TRU cooking surface minimizes flare-ups, as all the food is effectively maintained on the cooking surface. The combo grill is easy to use but safety measures but be put in place given that you will be connecting the grill directly to a liquid propane tank. Clean up is a breeze and all you have to do is remove the grease tray for cleaning.

And among the features that make the combo grill functional is the incorporated stainless steel smoker box, which you can use to add wood chips without necessarily opening the lid. And even better is that you get to use your favorite wood chips. For easy transportation, the combo grill has incorporated the carry handles and is equally portable making it a perfect tailgate or picnic grill.


  • Features a quality construction
  • Assembly and use is a breeze
  • The combo grill cooks fast
  • Doesn’t have flare-ups


  • Users have to invest in the propane tank
  • Cleaning the basket is not easy


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PK Grills PKO-SCAX-X Original PK Grill & Smoker Grill Smoker

The PK grill sports a capsule shape that has incorporated 4 venting systems, you will therefore get to use either hot and fast cooking temperatures or the low and slow temperatures depending on the food that you want to cook. The combo grill allows you to either cook directly or indirectly better known as 2-zone cooking. The design of the grill allows air to conveniently flow into the grill capsule and which will ensure that your grill has consistent heat for perfectly cooked food.

Pk Grill has been constructed with rustproof cast aluminum and is not susceptible to burnout nor breakage. The unit is portable if you need to take it to your backyard, you can, therefore, detach it from the stand for transportation. The cooking surface is a huge 300 square inches.


  • The grill is resistant to corrosion
  • Maintains heat
  • Combines a grill and a smoker
  • Easy to use and assemble


  • Does not conduct heat easily
  • Grill height is shorter than the standard sized grills


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Cuisinart CPG-4000 Wood BBQ Grill & Smoker

Cuisinart is an all-around combo grill that allows you to make up to 6 differently cooked meals, the combo grill can be used to bake, BBQ, roast, grill braise, and smoke. The incorporated feature that enables efficient functionality is the temperature control knob that allows you to cook food in both slow, low, hot, and fast heat temperatures.

The grill is spacious and has even incorporated a handy folding shelf that you can use to put your spices and cooking tools. At the side, you have been provided with a grease bucket holder that ensures the grill remains clean as it drains out the hot grease. The grill is portable and has incorporated all-terrain wheels for easy transportation.

Fuel management is intelligently controlled by the grill and all you have to do is fill the hopper with the pellet grills and leave it to automatically manage the amount of fuel that it needs.


  • The grill is thermostatically controlled
  • Offers up to 450 square inches of cooking area
  • Automatically adds pellets to maintain the cooking temperature
  • Cooks food evenly


  • Difficulties in producing smoke unless at 400˚
  • Minimized airflow


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Buying Guide for the Best Smoker Grill Combo

Getting a combo grill is exhilarating but there are a few boxes that must be checked to ensure that you are taking home a unit that will remain functional for the long term and suits your immediate and long-term needs.


The number of people that you plan to serve will determine the size of the combo grill that you get. If you have a huge family and a small grill, you will have to cook for a long time because food is prepared in small batches. But with a large grill, you can prepare several dishes simultaneously and be done with cooking in just one phase. Some of the combo grills reviewed above, allow you to run up to 6 different cooking styles in one unit, while others can only manage two which are smoking and grilling.

Power source

When it comes to a combo grills power source some have costly ongoing demands, like the ones that use pellets. For the latter, you have to ensure that you can shoulder the ongoing costs with regards to the frequency of using the grill. Other units use propane meaning that you will have to set aside cash for buying the grill and the separate standard propane cylinder.

Some grills use briquettes and which also happen to be the cheaper option because they take a long time to disintegrate and provide consistent cooking heat for extended hours. Briquettes can be used to cook full meals, a feature that greatly saves on cost. Some units utilize charcoal, this can be costly given the type of food that you are cooking and the method that you are using.


Durable aluminum is the most common material used to construct the combo grills, however, some units have been made of steel. So, whichever brand you choose to settle with, it is important to ensure that it is corrosion resistant and does not chip when cooking. Check for accessories, such as the temperature knob, the heat-resistant handles, and the all-terrain wheels, for easy transportation.


Grills are usually made with clean-out systems and some come equipped with a drip tray that enables the unit to drain out the dripping grease, thus you don’t have to use crude materials to clean your grill. Aluminum and steel grills will eat up some of your time during cleaning but the porcelain finished grills are easy to clean because food does not stick on them.


Is it worth buying the combo grills?

Yes, it is worth buying the combo grills because you get to complete, different cooking tasks at one time.

Between using charcoal and propane, which one is healthier for cooking grilled meat?

Propane is much healthier than charcoal because charcoal-grilled meats have been established to contain carcinogens.

Should I cook with the grill lid up or closed?

Cooking in a grill demands for the lid to be closed so that the temperature can be maintained and the food cooked faster.


Combo grills are a time saver because they can handle two or three different cooking styles simultaneously. The type of smoker grill combo that you get has to resonate with your needs, if you have a large family or plan to host friends and family over the weekends then a large capacity combo grill should suffice. A good smoker grill combo should also be technologically advanced to cook automatically, and efficiently manage fuel so that you don’t get a huge ongoing bill.

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